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Habitat for Humanity International is a Christian organization and welcomes volunteers from all faiths who are committed to Habitat's goal of eliminating poverty housing.
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Home Maintenance and Repair

Home Repair and Maintenance offers an expanded array of housing products to low income homeowners, including exterior house maintenance and repair. It enables Hill County Habitat to serve more families, increase opportunities for volunteers and expand the base of sponsors.  “We get regular calls from low income homeowners whose houses are in need of repair, but who do not have the money to contract with for- profit home contractors.  We know there is a need for this service in our community,” explains Dean Bennett-Habitat’s Building Director.  
After much discussion, Habitat decided to start this program in Hill County. We recognize many homes could benefit from Repair and A Brush with Kindness projects.
Together, Habitat for Humanity, neighborhood residents and local partners can change the face of neighborhoods and the lives of the families who live there—forever. Join us, volunteer or donate to this great program!

A Brush with Kindness

 A Brush with Kindness is an exterior home preservation service that offers painting, landscaping, weather stripping and minor repair services for homeowners in need.
ABWK helps low-income homeowners impacted by age, disability and family circumstances, who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes.
• Habitat selects partner families based on income, need and willingness to partner.
• Habitat affiliates use volunteer labor and donated materials to keep costs low and take no profit for their services.
• A no-interest loan is made to the homeowner to cover the cost of the project. Payments are placed in a revolving fund to help A Brush with Kindness serve others in need.
• This program would not be possible without the generosity of Valspar, the cofounder and underwriter of the A Brush with Kindness program.
• Families live in safe and well-maintained homes.
• Neighborhoods are revitalized.
• Community connections are made.
• Affordable housing inventory is preserved.

Home Repair

Home Repair is a set of repairs to an existing home, based on an audit that makes the home safe, decent and affordable.
Home Repair is a four-step process:
 1. A Pre-Repair Audit –shows where and what the problems are.
 2. The Work –is based on the audit, and work needed to ensure the health and safety of the occupants.
 3. Ability to repay the cost of repairs – The repair cost is paid back through a no interest loan to the home owner.
 4. Homeowner Education–helps the partner family understand the changes in their home and allows them to maximize the financial benefits of those changes.
Home Repair helps low-income homeowners, who struggle to pay their energy costs, by creating safe and energy-efficient homes. Home Repair is part of Habitat’s broader community development strategy, a holistic approach, which assists communities as well as families. It helps revitalize neighborhoods by creating affordable, safe housing and improving the comfort and well being of families.
Habitat for Humanity is just one part of a community wide solution.
Collaboration with other local groups is an essential ingredient of the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative. This includes:
• Working with residents and other significant stakeholders in the community to develop a common plan of recovery and vision for the future.
• Forging both formal and informal partnerships and alliances at the local level.
• Joining or forming community coalitions.
• Rallying active neighborhood support.
• Advocating public policy for local housing initiatives.
Together, Habitat for Humanity, neighborhood residents and local partners can change the face of neighborhoods and the lives of the families who live there—forever.
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